Saturday, January 19, 2008

Russian Blues

I have a nine year old cat named Lucifer. Inherited from my mom last year, Lucifer has been living the good life with me. She has an electric litterbox, eats the best dry food for older kitties, also chows down on a small can of Fancy Feast a few times a week, and is showered with love and affection. Over the past year she has morphed from superiorly skittish kitty to regal, nonchalant, spoiled kitty.

Here is proof:

Look how regal!!!

I think she needs a friend. I've had this notion for awhile now, but I've been on a mysterious three-month-no-purchase-a-new-pet-unless-the-thought-is-stillthereafterthreemonths-time-limit. This is due to the great Matilda debacle. Ahhhh, Matilda. I do not miss her.

So the next new pet will be a Russian Blue cat. This is what a full-grown Russian Blue looks like:

Equally regal to Luciferface!

But I would hope to grow my Russian Blue into looking more like this:

The three month waiting period is coming to an end, and I think all things will be a go, although if it is decided to move forward with the purchase, it will be officially postponed until late spring due to the impending Argentina trip, but let's not allow me to get ahead of myself here.

After the cat...maybe another dog. Woof! It wouldn't quite be Wild Kingdom, but it would be darn close!

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