Monday, May 21, 2012

i wave my white flag. i surrender. and am done. springtime is voodoo. on my soul.

Monday, May 7, 2012

the past several hours have taught me the following: 1. i trust. too much.; 2. i see the best and good in everyone. too much.; 3. immediate family is able to innately hurt each other in the messiest, worst, yet best ways. and it is too much.; 4. naivete at its apogee is a (me)taphor. still. meaning presently. this is also too much.; 5. i am thankful for the lessons learned over the past day.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

not sure how i'm feeling about the new changes to the blogger. i guess i should just keep my trap shut until i use it more than two times since the changes happened.

i'm dipping my toes into the waters of change. and while it's not fantastic, it's not terrible i'll probably have a better-formed opinion in the next two weeks. you know, after i've posted some more in this here blog o' mine.

i am not resistant to change. change is generally good. and sometimes change works out some kinks you didn't even realize were there to begin with in the first place. 


the derby season is in high gear. 

read: high-octane overdrive as far as my involvement in and with the sport goes. 

tomorrow i am heading up to JamestownNY to NSO (non-skating official/officiate) for the Babes of Wrath (BoW) in their season-opener against the Little Steel Derby Girls (LSDG) from YoungstownOH. it's sure to be a good game. 

i adore both of these leagues, and i am very much looking forward to watching the game as much as possible...although when you are in an NSO, reffing, or even bench coaching role, you don't get to seeSEEsee as much as you hoped you would - thank goodness for DVDs. :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

small font. verdana.