Friday, April 20, 2012

personal improvement is always a process.

and the process is sometimes painful. sometimes joyful. sometimes numbing. sometimes biting.

the improvement process is also often arduous. often taxing. often mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally exhausting.

but if you are truly making and taking the strides to change for the better, the positives far outweigh the negatives you do encounter through all the blood, sweat, and tears...

thus actually turning them into blood, sweat, and cheers.

there's my two pennies for the morning.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

muscle flexing

crunching numbers.

crunching data.

like granola going out of style.

not crunching my abs.

thirty minutes 'til the abwork magic happens.

go figure.

you know.

we can and should do our abs the courtesy
of working them to exhaustion

at the same time -

we can and should also do both our individual and collective brains
the courtesy of working it to exhaustion

flex those muscles.

look at that body.

examine that mind.

i - i - i work out.

question is:

do you?

For those of you who celebrate(d) Beaster, I hope your weekend and Lenten and Passover and all that stuff I don't necessarily *get* was fantastic.

Consciously thinking about and writing down my next installment of ten self-statements; I want to work on decade two for the Timeline, yet I am having immense trouble overcoming a mental hurdle in regards to the latter.



Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Self-Statements: Installment Two

Picking up where I left off so long ago.

11. I am skilled at finding practical solutions to complicated situations
12. Green is my favorite color.
13. I have an obsession with prime numbers.
14. I can speak and process language backwards.
15. I move a lot. So much so, you would think I was an Army brat.
16. I coach roller derby.
17. I am a straight shooter.
18. I went to college in Arizona. I'd like to move back there someday.
19. I have never been to the Pacific Northwest USA. I am hoping to get up there by 2015.
20. Russian literature is my bent.

--First Installment From A Few Years Ago--
01. I have four tattoos.
02. I think roadtrips are the BEST way to travel. Either alone or with someone who is good company.
03. I get red, hotface when I am nervous.
04. I do not excel at making small-talk with others.
05. I have a fiercely independent streak.
06. I read about eight books per month, which averages to about two books per week.
07. "Twin Peaks" is my favorite television show of all-time.
08. I crack my knuckles.
09. I have been told I have an annoyingly positive attitude. I have also been told I have an annoyingly cynical way of thinking at times. Combine the two concepts, and I figure I'm an optimistic pragmatist.
10. My father passed away before we ever got a chance to reconcile.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I got three statements done tonight. In reference to the next official installment of Self-Statements post. Trying to not over-think the statements.

Over-thinking is something I struggle with on a fairly regular basis. I just want to make sure the statements are honest, open, forthcoming. Because, hell, if I'm going to throw these statements: facts, opinions, perceptions, out there into the blogosphere...well, I want them to be as accurate as possible.

Hoping to have the next installment finished within the next three days.


I take that back.

There is no hoping.

I will have that installment done within the next three days.


On another note. I need to get some serious beauty sleep.