Sunday, January 13, 2008

Goals 2008

1. Train, run, and complete the Cleveland Half-Marathon.
2. Begin development on my first book; Write at least thirty minutes a day, five times a week.
3. Broaden freelance network base; Forge ahead with career change; Do rewarding work.
4. Learn all the ins and outs of CSS; Finish website; Develop and launch two new websites; Become more well-versed in the tech world.
5. Continue to circularly practice proactivity in my recovery.
6. Learn how to better manage finances and stick to budget.
7. Travel to at least three new places this year; Continue to save money for trip to Sweden.
8. Train, workout five-six times a week as long as it does not adversely affect my recovery; Begin regular pilates classes.
9. Locate, research, and visit various geographic areas where relocation would be possible in the next three years, so there is a geo-pool from which to choose.
10. Maintain current healthy relationships, purge the unhealthy relationships, improve relationships I want to keep but are currently suffering, and develop and grow healthy new relationships.

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