Friday, January 25, 2008

Books Read - January 2008

For those who might be interested in what I read, I am going to post my bookreads on a per month basis. Or you can also always find me on good reads. Last year I read one hundred thirty-seven books.

Not that I am bragging, but I just think that it is absolutely wild. The fact that I read that many books. And it kind of is. It kind of is absolutely wild. Really.

It is. Absolutely wild. One hundred thirty-seven books. Wowsers, Gadgetry.

January has been a month of decent reads. Fluffy fiction, serious fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, and history.

Alpha, by author:
David Allen, Getting Things Done
Felix Luna, A Short History Of The Argentinians
Joyce Carol Oates, The Tattooed Girl
Joyce Carol Oates, Missing Mom
James Patterson, 1st To Die
James Patterson, 2nd Chance
JK Rowling, Order Of The Phoenix
JK Rowling, Half-Blood Prince

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