Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last night while Maggie and I were watching part of the Nightmare on 95, she'd point out the Pivots and Blockers and exclaim, "Mama! Mama!" Then when a Jammer came into view on the screen, she'd also clap her hands and exclaim, "Nini, Nini!" <--that's what she calls her one of her aunts. She did the same thing today while watching the Gotham/SCDD game. Apparently my two year-old is beginning to grasp the game. HILARIOUS.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trying to quantify data when you have very little of said data is so frustrating, it makes me want to pull out my hair in big, giant clumps.

At least my apartment is of a reasonable temperature as opposed to how it's been the last few days with it being in the 80s AND super-humid outside. Unseasonably warm. And I have no A/C in this here popsicle joint. When I found my place back in January, A/C wasn't something I was entirely concerned with having. And I might still not be all that concerned moving forward if I am living in a place with decent insulation and NOT on the second floor of an older quad. Sheesh.

I'm also not entirely sure why I'm posting about A/C and how my place is lacking it, other than I'm still stumped on how to even begin talking/writing about all the changes, most positive, in my life. The things I have not really posted about on this blog. On the facebook. Or on my trusty old livejournal. Stumped, I tell you, STUMPED!

If I had stuck to my typical modus, I'd have it all or most of it written down somewhere, but my modus was anything but typical this year. And maybe that's another positive thing I have going for me.

For now, I'll just try not to pull my hair out from work frustration and focus on how nice it is outside today and think about how much fun Maggie and I are going to have over the next week.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Blog Fail

Only 11 posts in 2011?

I'm going to have to rectify this STAT!

As I stated in my July 26 post, I have rid my life of much crazy. And I realize I haven't even shared much, if anything, of what has gone on in the life of Karoline over the past year or so. Perhaps that is a potential starting point in regards to my hopes for more frequent blog updates.

Updating may also be beneficial since I am coming off an awful head, neck, and spinal injury from derby, and frankly my brain hasn't been working/processing things in the same fashion which it is used to doing. It's definitely getting better, but I have to say my ditzy factor seems to not be getting better as quickly as the rest of my brain capabilities. Is that the right word I am looking for - capabilities? If it's not the correct word, see above. Head injury.

I *am* hoping that I'll be back on the track in 2012 as long as my impact scores allow me to engage in a full contact sport sooner, rather than later.

Peace out until the next time.