Thursday, October 11, 2007

Note to Emotion-Mind:

Be mindful of what you say. Lately you speak and verbalize more than you are used to doing and it is starting to making you feel stupid and idiotic. As your Rational-Mind, it is my duty to remind you that the emotionlotion you often experience is not often to the same extent as that of others. You proceed full throttle in everything you do, and that can be challenging for others to understand.

So maybe you should shut your mouth.

And not that speaking is a negative thing, but sometimes your feelings aren't what matter and people often don't really care. And it is unwise to fool yourself or try to convince yourself otherwise. And while sharing is enlightening to you (and possibly others), bear in mind that when speaking about your feelings, it opens you up to a whole new world where you may not feel comfortably contained. And while I know you crave new experiences and changes and loves and losses, and you are comfortable with the aforementioned and more, you are not the most comfortable with speaking.

So again, maybe you should shut your mouth.

As your logical side, I am stepping in to forewarn you. You have made some huge strides forward and positive life changes over the past several months, and I don't want to see you fall on your ass and break it beyond repair.

With Your Best Interests in Mind,

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