Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I hear you're driving someone else's car now
She said you came and took your stuff away
All the poetry and the trunk kept you kept your life in,
I knew that it would come to that someday...

Tonight is the blast from the past night. The night where I get to listen to everything from Rob Base to The Pixies to The Beatles to Concrete Blonde to Big Punisher The Police to Tones on Tail.

Right now I am listening to Concrete Blonde and thinking about how well the lyrics are written. I think I need to vacation in the brainchild of the lyrics. The song, "Caroline," although spelled differently from mine (Karoline), I see such a correlation in colors; Even though I know the lyrics weren't written for me, there is that something about it where I can see myself starring in the movie of my life.

No, not as a stripper. Those of you who may be familiar with the video. But rather, with how I have been throughout my life. Where I might be to this day. Where, in my brain, I go.

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