Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Similarities: Race & Derby Training

As I am still doing my best to stick to my goals and properly train (versus overtraining...which is my typical modus operandi...) for the half-marathon in May, and while I am cursing the powers that be for the lame-o aches and pains I am currently experiencing, I decided I would put together a short list of the similarities twixt race and derby training. I'm sure I forgot some, so if you have suggestions, let me know! Read on!

Some Similarities I Have Drawn Between Race Training And Roller Derby Training:

1. Muscles you never knew you had before suddenly (or slowly, over time) start to hurt.

2. An eight minute mile is simply not good enough. A nine minute mile will never be good enough. At least not in your head.

3. You are definitely still one sweaty beast.

4. Tights, knee socks, and short shorts ALWAYS make for warmer legs.

5. One can never have enough muscle rub. Rub those shin splints out of your head. Ben-Gay might be smelly, but it feels sooo good.

6. Proper stance equates to more efficient and effective use of your body to achieve its ultimate goal.

7. It is unwise to keep makeup on while working out. It stings when it runs into your eyes. After all, you are still one sweaty beast.

8. While training with others, you are still expected to be training on your own.

9. Having the right footwear almost guarantees less injuries.

10. PowerGels are important to access stores of energy you didn't know you had. Simple sugars work wonders.

11. Proper use of an Ace bandage might mean the difference between saving or losing that one jelly ankle you have…you know the one I'm talking about. Yeah, that one.

12. You thought you had knee problems before training, ha! Just look at you now.

13. A banana and a cup of oatmeal are the BEST pre-long-training-session foods.

14. Excellent tuneage still makes you push yourself harder.

15. Never underestimate the power of the bandana.

16. The fans and supporters are still OOC on game/race day.

17. Oh sure, that ciggie tastes and feels awesomely delicious right now, but you will undoubtedly regret it within the first ten minutes of your workout.

18. Sidewalks are dangerous at night.

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