Thursday, February 7, 2008

First Encounter

My friend Adam recently sent me this: half fart and half yellow horse piss

Prior to this I had not encountered the poetics of Al Purdy, which is kind of interesting and humorous to me seeing as how I've had that multi-year-not-so-secret-secret-love affair with the works of Charles Bukowski. Interesting, indeed.

On another note, Adam also sent me this:

Sagittarius: Have you been thinging about making a change in your life? Well stop thinking and start doing! Regardless of whether it's a major or a minor change you have in mind, make it fast! Gradual transitions are not going to cut it now, because they give you way too much time to change your mind. Use your energy to its maximum effect and get things going in the right direction as quickly as you can. That way you will start to see the rewards of these changes faster, too.

I don't usually put much stock in the astrological aspects of life, but this one particularly rang true to some things I am going through right now. Astrology is all about the interpretation, so I guess I decided to correlate it closely to my life today. Thend.

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