Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Skinny Me

While most people were watching the Super Bowl yesterday, I was watching this: Super Skinny Me

Thank you for making this short documentary, BBC. Thank you.

It's a pretty insightful piece. Especially considering that the two journalists involved were of "sound mind" when they opted to participate in the experiment.

Overall, I found it bittersweet and think it is a pretty enlightening piece for the general public/audiences.

Many people I know and talk with regularly think this ED stuff primarily happens to younger women - adolescents in their teenage years.

And they find it to be a hard pill to swallow when they learn that women my age struggle with ED - or that it never went away from previous years of abuse.

And harder still to swallow when people discover women older than myself struggle with it.

The ignorance makes me want to scream sometimes.

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