Saturday, July 26, 2008

Give Me a K-N-O-X

The seven hour trip turned into an eleven hour trip, but I finally made it to Knoxville around 1230AM last night. I have a special word of advice to ColumbusOH commuters or people roadtripping through Columbus - if you would stop driving like total a*holes (read: cutting people off, not using your turn signals, neglecting to use your rear and sideview mirrors, talking on your phone instead of paying attention to the road, ETC.) in the midst of construction and with it being late afternoon on a Friday, maybe, just maybe, there wouldn't be several accidents within the span of a few miles.

Now that I am done with my rant, let me just say I am thankful to have not happened to be on the receiving end of one of the accidents and I am happy I made it to my destination safely. I want to also say there is absolutely no fun to be had when you are stuck in a car for 2.5 hours and only move forward approximately five miles during that timeframe. And it is not safe for one's kidneys either. I almost peed my pants. Thend.

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