Sunday, December 9, 2007

Operation GymRat

How is it 1120PM on Sunday night already? ARGH!!!

Tomorrow begins Operation GymRat.

Since deciding to give up playing in the derby for the next year or so due to both mental and physical health reasons, I think it is imperative I continue to exercise regularly, so I am hitting up the Bally's at least five times a week. This week I will be happy with four times, though.

Over the next year, I hope to get back into higher-octane running again. I am planning on doing my first half-marathon in two years this May 2008. And being that I would like to see myself place in the top hundred for this, I need to train wisely - unlike the great USAF marathon training debacle of 2003 - and eat more intelligently. I think I can pursue this type of running again as long as I maintain a healthy level of training and eating nourishing foods consistently.

I can do this. Oh yes, I can.

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