Sunday, February 11, 2007

tonight while i was driving home, i looked down at my hands and thought, "my what old hands you have, ms. septic. what nice alabasteryoldbonybigveinedstrongscarredcreepydrydouble-jointed hands you have."

i don't have any particular upkeep with my hands. i have never had a manicure. or even a pedicure. although, i DO think the latter would be beneficial if (when) i move to a warmer climate. but i probably won't ever succumb to the pampering powers that dictate manis and pedis; because that type of high-maintenance behavior is not something i do well with - i am relatively low-maintenance. (MAINTANCE - that's for oey if he ever reads this.)

the fascination with my hands was just a fleeting thought, but it struck me as humorous.

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