Saturday, February 17, 2007

scythian empire

i'm currently addicted to this song. in my sickness, i cannot help but listen to it.

being sick sucks. i know, call me captain obvious. but seriously. i've had it. 2007 was supposed to be a better year for my health. and now i am so sick, i can barely even get myself off the couch. but when i do, it is to rush to the bathroom only to remind myself that even though i am 29 years old, i am still a child prone to accidents. read into that what you will. i am tired of this already.

so i went to the doctor and it turns out i have a severe sinus infection and a pretty bad upper respiratory infection. funny, i thought i had the latter. but a sinus inFUCKtion?! i've NEVER had a sinus problem in my life. welcome to ohio, i guess. and i am having stomach virus issues. yesss...let's just add that to the mix. the doc put me on zpack but thus far it is not working. i am supposed to go back if i am not cleared up by tuesday. grrreat.

the only good thing about being this sick means that i have no reason to leave my house. but i need to clean my house and i can't even do that without fear of randomly vomiting or having the rhea cha cha cha.

right now i am cursing the world.

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