Thursday, March 29, 2012

thinking. thinking. thinking.

next steps. next steps. next steps.

relentless forward progress.
i'm so happy my day is finally over and done with and i have gained greater clarity on what i need to actually *do* to make the changes i need to make in order to improve lives.

not just my own.
turning pages, ending chapters, finishing books.
you might say.
or you might not.
maybe i'm amazed.
minus the "maybe."
it's taken some (un)objective heart and mind reasoning to get to where i am.
i am unabashed in my choices.
they are good ones.

if they turn out to not be so good, i will just have to suck it up, rethink, and change the process in order to continue making the best possible decisions and choices.
i'm in it for the long haul.
watch out world...
there's a semi-natural disaster of positivity building up its storm.
coming to a town near you.
i'm tired of the glum.
no more shitshows, at least in my life, if i have anything to say about it. :)

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