Thursday, March 22, 2012

jerkfaces unite!

let's admit just one thing.

you were never really my friend.

especially since you found me to be so trashable. disposable. garbage.

newsflash: you are the garbage.

you were: the friend too far gone into being hip and cool. the friend too far into posing a certain way. taking advantage of my naivete. the friend who judged so coldly and ruthlessly all the while expecting compassion and warmth in return.

because what you were going through was "so different." because you thought you could manipulate me.

because you thought you knew how to play my naivete like Mendelssohn.

you were wrong. unfortunate for you.

too bad i got smarter when it came to you. and too bad, i know the crap hands you play. too bad i see you for what you are. too bad i see me for what i am.

i do not discount ownership in breakdowns. especially when it comes to those pesky feelings. but really.


if i were you in the same sitch two years ago.

more than one year of knowledgeabilty. even if we were both wearing elistist asshats.

if i was truly your friend. if i was actually the person of such great relevance in your life as you posited me to be to you.

you to me.

i certainly would not betray you by being cold and unforgiving.

i would try to find some common ground. some way to better understand your pain(s), your past-present-future life experience. or some other semblance of existence on which we were actually able to relate.

congratulations on your judgmentalism. perhaps you should get your JD.

or wait.


you are better than a law degree. since. you are so (un)hip, so (un)cool, so (un)above it.

enter middle finger.

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