Sunday, April 5, 2009

Computer Woes

Two weeks with no computer. TWO WEEKS. Talk about unplugging.

Well now that my new laptop is theoretically fixed, I'm hoping I'll be able to pop online a little more often...especially now that Margaret is getting older and is supposedly going to start sleeping more often and regularly.

This whole experience of my new laptop going on the fritz has been quite frustrating. Considering my old laptop was almost three years old before it started dawdling and acting up. My new laptop had problems from the get-go. I got it in December and had issues from Day 1. This last time it decided to crap out on me was the third time Dell had to be called in to intervene. John got a service tech to come out and fix it - apparently my motherboard was fried for some reason - which is beyond me considering I hadn't installed anything on the new laptop other than Office.

If this thing keeps acting up, I'll do as John suggested and just get a Powebook next time I need a laptop. I know John has had minimal problems with his, and that seems to be the consensus with everyone else I know who had/has one.

Needless to say I'm glad to have a fast-functioning computer.

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